Rachel HO

St Anns Church


Rachel Ho works mainly with wheel based ceramic work, throwing mostly with porcelain.  “I am drawn to its delicate and translucent nature. My aim is to make work that evokes a sense of beauty and mystery. Just as ancient pots have told stories for thousands of years, I aim to use my pots to tell stories of healing and redemption.” These works were created as a response to the diagnosis of a close friend with cancer and reflect on the Japanese art of Kintsugi a concept of highlighting or emphasizing imperfections, visualizing mends and seams with the addition of pure gold to celebrate the healing and story brought about by our wounds, brokenness and flaws.

The pots are made from porcelain and unglazed to create a delicate and vulnerable quality.

Rachel is passionate about telling stories,  growing up in Northern Ireland she has always known the power of stories from early childhood. She studied Applied Arts in the University of Ulster. Rachel’s love for ceramics has taken her on a journey around the world, training with Irish potters in the picturesque village of Kilkenny; exploring wood firing pottery in the Gowers peninsular; and spending 6 months experimenting with different pottery techniques in the South Island of New Zealand.

Rachel currently lives in Macclesfield with her husband and baby daughter.