Our Lent exhibition for 2019 is called HOW DID IT GET SO DARK?

Tuesday 5 March – Thursday 18 April 2109 St Ann’s Church, St Ann Street Manchester M2 7LF

How did it get so dark? was inspired by the ninth-century ritual of Tenebrae (Latin for shadows) which, through the contrasting use of candlelight, darkness, silence, spokenword and cacophonous sound, reflects the events leading up to Easter. Central to the experience are suffering andredemption. It is also known as the ‘extinguishing of thelights’, where candles are put out throughout the service.Often, there remains one light still glowing, which is symbolic of hope – a glimmer.

In this exhibition, we have approached the idea from many different starting points – some with faith, some without – and using many different media. Despite, and because of, all our differences we have collaborated to create a collective response based on our own perspectives – political, spiritual, personal – and on the answers provided by members of the public to the question, How did it get so dark?


Where is your darkness?

Where is your light?