The Natashas Project

The Natashas Project

The Natashas Project is an international non-profit contemporary dance company founded in 2013. Its aim is to use dance to inform and equip the public about Human Trafficking in the sex slavery industry.
Our three approaches:

Performance productions – contemporary dance productions which take audiences through a journey of lost innocence, 21st Century slavery and how this injustice still affects every single society throughout the world today.

Educational workshops – using repertoire from the performance productions these workshops aim to inspire safe relationships, awareness of safety, and encourage the youth to work together to create their own creative work to raise awareness on the matter.

Restorative workshops (for survivors of HT) – Tailor made restorative dance workshops. The aim of these workshops are to provide a creative means of support for survivors of trafficking, sexual abuse and domestic violence. Our aim is to assist safe homes in their work to bring hope, self-worth, confidence and trust.

We use dance as an art form to connect at a deeper level to reach out and raise awareness. Through our research we can see when people’s hearts are touched it becomes personal and once that happens they are most likely to get involve and do something to help.

The core of The Natashas Project is based on the heart of Jesus, who ‘has come to seek and save those who are lost’ – Luke 19:10

The Natashas Project is accessible for secondary schools, colleges, universities, churches, community projects, festivals, conferences, mixed bills, installations and more.
Our goal is to reach as many people as possible all across the world.

How can you help?
In order to keep our work going we need your help
– Prayer
– Spread the word in raising awareness of this cause.
– Tell others about our work
– Financial support

How can you financially support?
• give a one off Donation today

•Become a friend of The NATASHAS Project a support our work with regular donations.
email here for details of how to do this

•Become part of our Supporters Circle by donating larger amounts and have the opportunity to work with the company more closely and be recognized in our programs and media promotional materials.

• Host a fundraiser of any sort for us, everything little thing makes a huge difference.

For more information about the project, how you can support and get involve please contact us on

Also follow us on twitter: @thenatashasproj
and on instagram: thenatashasproject.

The Global Slavery Index 2013 reports of “29.8 Million people in slavery today”, the largest it’s ever been. The US Department of State says that “80 per cent of all trafficking victims are women and children”. The UNCO report findings of “Trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation accounts for 58 per cent of all trafficking cases detected globally”.