I walk in Master’s strident shadows
His call ‘Come, follow!’
He laughs, chats, chastises too.
‘Keep close! Do as I do!
No more, no less.
Nothing added or subtracted
Imitate, replicate, multiply.’
With each mirrored footstep
I long to grow into his likeness, his character,
His life.

I stand beyond rugged cross shadow,
Away from blood soaked, tear stained earth.
Where are they now, disloyal deserters?
Attentive ear discerns an unknown soldier’s cry
‘Surely this is the Righteous One.’
His voice of recognition
Leaves me abandoned, isolated.
Shame infiltrates every pore of this so-called friend.

I sit in cool morn’s rock shadow
Displaced by angel hands.
My soul disturbed, disrupted in disbelief.
Vacant tomb, lightening flash!
And as the question leaves my lips
‘Where has he gone?’
Memory breaks in, His words recalled.
Third day rising has occurred.

Today I try to flee self’s haunting shadow
I can’t sit, stand, walk with this discontent.
Escape is no option.
He’s there in depth and height.
World-light puts on stage the hidden me
But not for all to jeer.
No, just an audience of One.
The Saviour’s patient gaze
Piercing hardened heart with vibrant love.
Guilt’s shadow cast no more as,
Once again,
I take a bow in full beam
Of bright Morning Star.

Colin Pattenden

Painting by Carole Pattenden

Colin and Carole Pattenden have been wardens at Westwood Christian Centre near Huddersfield for nearly five years and for a number of years have facilitated faith and creativity groups.