Loneliness WITHIN

Seated, God’s closed word in hand
As minutes, seconds pass with rhythmic pulse.
Eyes capture sweeping Pennine form
With ‘nowt but sheep’ for company.

I dream of buses, bustle, chat and cheer,
Of work and purpose
Driven towards the hamster’s wheel of aimless turning.
My mind recalls a time of neighbours all around
Seeing, not knowing.
Hearing, not listening.
When even then,
Isolation’s pain soured my soul,
Loneliness within.

Rather, could I start to dream of now,
Enjoy the silent company of You
Enfolding me with love in stillness real
The blanket of an early misted morn?
Take notice, graceful motion, bird in flight
And tails of laburnum dance to breeze’s tune,
Vibrant on the muted landscapes page.

In each fine detail of the world in view
I sense Holy Spirit’s tranquility
Bringing to my heart a deep shalom.
Through idle rest, creative mind awakens.
I seek a conversation with my Lord,
A dialogue with friend
Of hope’s healing, lightened life.
No longer joy quenched internally
For in His time
My Father brings nourishment to child.
So, with fast broken
We together, seize the given day.

Colin Pattenden