EXCITEMENT is building

The catalogue is written, designed and with the printer, press releases have been sent out, final preparations and discussions have taken place with all our artists and host venues, lorries and vans are loaded up and ready to go and we are getting ready to begin installing our first art works next week.

Its been a long time in preparation, but we are now ready to begin the fun of installing our stunning art works in our host venues. We begin early on Monday morning at Manchester Cathedral, working with Sam and Mark from Brute Force and Ignorance, a specialist arts installation company to prepare for the arrival of Julian Stairs monumental ceramic works that make up his show Quietus Revisited: The Vessel, Death and the Human Body. Julian will be with us too as the work arrives in an 18 ton lorry from storage in London, so hoping that the journey north will not have too many delays as we plan to unload and condition check the works as they are placed in the South Aisle of the cathedral before they are moved into their final places over the following two days. Fourteen large scale works plus a series of 80+ smaller pots will be installed between Monday and Thursday next week, each piece needs to be carefully unpacked, checked to make sure it has not been damaged in transit and then placed in position to create a stunning exhibition in the nave, the Chapter House and two of the side chapels.

We will post some pictures via twitter to keep you up to date with our progress and if we find the time and can be very tech savvy then we also hope to use periscope to broadcast live our installation story. So make sure you follow us on twitter @PassionArtTrail for updates.

We are also looking forward to BBC Radio 4 producer Rosie Dawson coming and interviewing us during the install for a feature item on their Sunday Morning Program on the first Sunday of Lent.