Just 4 weeks to go ……..

The site visits have all been completed, transportation booked, installation arrangements made for each of our 6 venues and we are now putting the final touches to our website and the catalogue content. There is so much to do to get a project like this off the ground and we are excited by how its now all coming together after 18 months of planning.

Postcards and flyers have been printed and press releases sent out. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the wonderful and talented Micah Purnell who has been designing all our content for us, as well as working on his commission with us to be displayed at Ziferblat in the Northern Quarter.

Follow our progress over the next few weeks as we prepare for the opening of the PassionArt Trail BE STILL on Ash Wednesday in all 6 host venues. We will share with you the ups and downs of putting together the finishing touches for the exhibitions, with photographs and videos of the installation process and interviews with some of our wonderfully talented artists.