Life is busy, and it can seem that our minds are at the mercy of schedule. I am a mum of three. If there is something I do well its schedule. School, clubs, playdates, reading books, keywords, homework. Painting, making, music lessons, running club, swimming. Oh yeah and don’t forget to be present and have fun. My children are an absolute joy and it’s a privilege to be their mum and go on adventures with them. The pace is fast. So when I came across this bench while taking a walk, I found myself very grateful for the words inscribed. The simple message comes back to me time and time again. When I sit and go through the stages of letting my mind rest for a moment. I allow peace to come. Being present in our stillness is as important as being present in our busyness. When I am still I am allowing room for perspective and the healing love God wants to bring. There is no area of my life that is off limits to Him, He is as present in my stillness as He is in my waking, going out and coming in. Being still for me means stopping to hear, see and learn. I am the best version of myself when I have paid attention to my own need for stillness.

A walk.

A busy mind.

Trying to forget the issues of last week.

Trying to put aside the anticipation of next week.
I stumble upon a bench.

On it written the words “sit with me a while.

I sit.

I realise the words are said by one no longer here.

One who treasured the value of “sit with me a while”

My mind suddenly flooded with irony.

The message, loud and clear.

From someone who no longer gets to reflect and value the space.

My company, the birds, the sounds of nature, the vivid greens and gentle breeze.

Here peace is abundant.

A tranquil pause for the cogs of my mind.

“Sit with me a while” – I think this may become a space of mine.

Jane Barrow is a mother of three young children