The PassionArt Trail 2014 was one of our first major projects that encouraged renewed dialogue between the artist and the church, and to extend both the gallery and sacred space by creating opportunity for artist and public to engage in non-gallery locations to explore themes related to universal human experience and spiritual journey through the Easter Passion Story.
 The trail took place across Manchester city centre during the 8 weeks of Lent 2014 hosted by 6 key city centre cultural and sacred venues. PassionArt Trail 2014 showed more than 60 art works by 20 artists inviting you to explore your own personal journey in relation to the Easter passion story reflecting on the universal themes of transformation, grief and loss, love and kindness and our longing for hope using traditional and contemporary art sited in gallery, museum and sacred spaces. 

To read the 60 page catalogue that accompanied the exhibition please click PassionArt catalogue compressed

Beverly Ayling-Smith

Rose Petal Shroud

John Rylands Library

Ghislaine Howard

Feed the Hungry – from the Seven Acts of Mercy

St Anns Church

Lin Holland and Jane Poulton

Heart Sounds

John Rylands Library

Matt Collishaw

Last Meal on Death Row

Manchester Art Gallery

Rob Floyd

Christ looking at a skull

Manchester Cathedral

Ghislaine Howard

Giving Drink to the Thirst from Seven Acts of Mercy

St Anns Church