Lesley SUTTON St Anns Church www.lesleysutton.co.uk
‘Manna’ This site specific, suspended fibre art installation in the nave of St Ann’s Church entitled ‘Manna’, is made up of more than twenty thousand paper circles, mimicking the hosts eaten during the service of Holy Communion, that reference the ancient Hebrew Bible story that tells of the abundant daily provision of manna to the Israelite’s during their 40 years wandering in the wilderness. The story tells how despite the barrenness of the land, God provided for the people’s every need. Each morning, manna fell from heaven like the early morning dew, and they were commanded to gather only enough for the coming day and no more. The lesson is one of trust, of not accumulating excess but instead to only take enough, to live simply, ensuring that their is always plenty for all. God’s provision to the world is abundant; there is always enough to satisfy, the difficulty is when our greed and fear cause us to take more than our daily portion. It is the spiritual challenge of Lent to live without excess and not to be swayed by the constant desire to consume and possess more things than we really need, but instead to give away, to live responsibly, thoughtfully so that the wealth and provision of the world is shared more equally and fairly. As you walk beneath this sculpture take time to consider how you will respond to the abundant daily provision of God to the world. Be thankful and responsible with the resources you receive daily, only gathering your adequate portion, and consider giving away and sharing that which you do not really need. Lesley Sutton is a curator and fibre based artist from Manchester. Trained in Fine Art, she is interested in religious and cultural rituals as sensory language and how contemporary forms of participatory art can be used within sacred spaces to create liminality. She has worked on creative reminiscence, interfaith and cultural heritage projects to support physical, emotional and spiritual development, with HLF and Arts Council funded projects and exhibitions across the North West.